EngineeringMay 15th, 2024

Announcing Rise for Android


Tim von OldenburgRick Pastoor

Bonus! Rise for Android

While we started with multi-platform in mind, we didn’t plan to launch on Android. As I was preparing out launch post about iOS, I knew we would get that question. So I figured: why don’t I follow the instructions to build our React Native app on Android and see what happens.

It somewhat worked straight up:

Android works! Somewhat

Turns out that after downloading Android Studio and installing Java, I only had to make a few tiny adjustments to get it to build. All in all it took me a few hours to get it to run. Most time was spent on setting up a proper build pipeline which would make it easy to get a signed build which we could start distributing towards the Play Store.

Long story short: we invited the first users into our Android alpha track on the same day as we launched the iOS app in the App Store and we are continuing to roll out improvements and fixes.

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