The Rise Calendar Manifesto

Rise gives you clarity, direction and peace of mind. Got a minute?

We’ve set out to build a next generation calendar by combining the best ideas from bestseller GRIP with world class and internationally praised design.

We all have a thousand things we want in life. Meanwhile, people are pulling strings to get a slice of your time. And while time is easy to spend, it’s impossible to get extra. What’s gone is gone.

And so after a busy day with work, calls and emails, it can be hard to answer the question: ‘what did you really do today?’

As a fix, we’re using to-do lists to write down what we want. A to-do list is very patient. And its infinity is comforting: there’s time! Only later we find out that actually our time is limited.

Very limited.

A calendar is finite. And that’s why we believe the calendar is the perfect centerpiece for work and life. And because it’s as limiting as the real world, it forces us to decide how we spend the most valuable thing we have: our time.

Rise is different than your current calendar, because instead of starting with meeting invites from others, it starts with you. Your goals, your projects, your work.

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