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Rise helps you and your team stay organized and on track, with all your work in one place.

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Work as we know it is changing rapidly. It's more complex, more distributed and more demanding than ever. On top of that, we believe AI will change the way we work in ways we can't even imagine yet.

Meanwhile, the tools we rely on every day haven't kept pace. They fail to help us focus, think deeply, and do not help set healthy boundaries. On top of that, information is scattered and hard to organize. At work, we all keep reinventing the wheel in every new team and company we enter. No wonder it is so hard to make meaningful progress.

Ultimately, we think work is about people. People that work together on what matters to them. People pushing forward great products, fantastic art and caring services. And while technology can and will continue to have a massive impact, we believe that we can only unlock the full potential of those innovations by putting people first. By building and evolving the highest possible quality tools. Tools that help instead of frustrate, that empower instead of enforce. Tools that allow you to bring the best version of yourself.

Rise is a smart calendar that so many fell in love with already. Now, we’re moving into our second act: projects and tasks. For a simple reason: we believe schedules, projects and tasks belong together. We think this works wonders for your own work, but it turns into a superpower when you do it as a team.

We deeply care about the tools we use every day. We are constantly challenging, optimizing and improving Rise, because you, your team and the world are constantly changing, too.

Rise is designed and built for people who care.

Read about our ideas for work in our manifesto ->

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Rise helps you and your team stay organized and on track with all your work in one place